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mandag 10. juni 2013

About KBC track :: Chitwan Jungle

KBC release :: Chitwan Jungle
Released : May 2013
Available in Spotify.

'Chitwan Jungle' tries to materialize the laidback, tropical though exciting moods in the beutilful area of Chitwan National park south in Nepal, fulfilled with high humidity and huge areas of rich jungle. Catch a jungle walk, and figure out why you should enter the rhinos domain with care, and mobilize your attention and urgent plan included if you manage to run into the so rare and beautiful sample of the bengali tiger. What biodiversity contains this KBC session in your ears ? Never stop exploring. 

-- KBC

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onsdag 29. mai 2013

About KBC track :: Into Kagbeni

KBC release :: Into Kagbeni
 Released : May 2013
 Available in iTunes, Spotify,

Into Kagbeni is an slow, downtempo and hopefully composite and dreamy piece of soundscape, whose melody tries to soundalize the unique and dramatic landscape that meets you as you do one of the most beautful trekking route there is, Anna Purna Circuit, Nepal, and after some days, enter the fantastic village of Kagbeni, on the very boarder of Mustang, North Nepal. The dramatic gorge gives you plenty of space, to get the right I got all the time in the world feeling. What really matters ?

-- KBC
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mandag 27. mai 2013

KBC release :: Poon Hill 5 am

KBC release :: Poon Hill 5 am.
Released : April 2013
Available in iTunes, Spotify.

The soundtrack is influenced by the majestic outview you'll see from Poon Hill (at the world class trekking Anna Purna Curcuit, Nepal) in the early hours, i.e. 5 am, as the massive sun start to rise, and the epic sight of Nilgiri Mountains completes it all. Go and explore it.
-- KBC

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